Are you trying to save yourself from the most awkward moments with your neighbors? Want to cover up those windows of your home? Then definitely the best solution for you is to invest in blinds or shades They are the most convenient, versatile, easy to install and maintain, and more than all they are the best interior décor to your home. Wondering how to go about with choosing and installing the best for your home?
Here is a perfect guide to choose the best shades for your home:

  1. Style: The first aspect in choosing the best blind for you is to choose the perfect style that matches your convenience and interior décor. It could be roller or the Venetian blinds. Both are perfect as they look great. But while choosing them they should match your room and the theme there and over all your taste. Currently in vogue are the Venetian blinds. They give you total privacy coupled with the light control capacity. Finally, it is your personal choice to select what suits you the best.
  1. The material: The blinds are available in variety of materials. Depending on the space available to install the blinds the material may vary. The windows that are exposed to extreme heat can be blinded with aluminum shades or the block out roller shades. All have the reflective blacking that can remove the excess heat.


  1. Keep in mind the window you want to install the blind: The blinds vary in the pattern how they open or close. The pattern of the blind will be influenced by a variety of factors like the interior of the room, type of door or window you wish to install the blind. If you are looking at easy accessibility through a sliding door then definitely go in for a roller blind as it is simple in functioning and also minimal in style.
  1. Function: The function of blinds is to give you total privacy and light control. Depending on what extent you want to achieve this blinds can be chosen. The Venetian lights are the perfect in dealing with these aspects. They have control over the light and also help in giving you the privacy you wish for. And for a good night’s sleep in your bed room go for the fabric roll out blinds as they control the light to the maximum.


  1. Safety of you and your loved ones: Look for the ones that are child friendly. This is the important aspect while choosing a blind. Safety of your family is of prime concern.

A guide for buying the best blinds/shades:

  1. Looking for adjustable light control: The aluminum blinds, Faux wood or the wood blinds allow the natural light to come in and also allow you to enjoy the view outside your window with good control over the privacy. These are very simple in their operation and give the perfect luxurious look to your room.
  2. You want privacy but light to come in: Then go for a shade that is aimed at giving you maximum privacy when the blinds are rolled down. Roller or the woven wood blinds are the best. They are specialized in versions to darken the room as much as possible.
  3. No light: Blackout fabric is the best if you absolutely want to block light form coming in. This is required in media rooms or nursery where in the children follow a traditional type of sleep schedule. Blackout shades are available as cellular shades, and woven shades. Though they are costly they serve the purpose to the maximum extent.
  4. Cut down the electricity bill: Then go in for wood blinds, shutters, or the cellular shades. With these the AC of your room need not be working throughout the day. These are ideal as they perform the best in trapping air and giving a very cool environment.
  5. Low cost: When you want the blinds to do the job but not expensive ones then definitely try the aluminum ones. They are not good to look at but serve your purpose by being the most inexpensive ones.

Choosing the perfect blind is the best you can give to your home and your family.